A Chef’s potluck that makes everyone envious.

Pot luck
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A potluck celebration can be a cooking ordeal. As a experienced Chef and caterer, my culinary senses is outraged more than the celebration potluck party.

With warm things going chilly, loosely portioned and picked-through dish, nacho dip next to cookies, and unidentifiable entrees sharing the exact same table, it is no wonder that all the work you have put into your dish will be questioned by this haphazard buffet.

You will need a strategy, to be a stand out in this eating sounds, this high school cafeteria turning cacophonous.

The greatest potluck celebration has home chefs whom keeps the following in always in mind:

Keep It hot

If you are giving a warm dish, you must look for means to make sure it stays hot. Whether a chafing dish or crock pot, ensure allure and the safety of the food by keeping it warm.
Prepare something that’s proper either way if you can not ensure that your warm dish will remain warm and popular.


Steamy salmon

Steamy salmon


Don’t assemble anything with sloppy dressing or that’s too delicate to travel.
During the trip to the potluck celebration, sauces will change, garnishes will drop, fried things will get spongy. Prepare items which will not degrade during transfer.

Vintage food truck

Vintage food truck

Disposables dish

You are never ever going to see that dressing bowl or spatula again, comprehend that. Do you want to add the pressure of stalking your bowl at the end of the celebration?
Get disposables that are enticing at your local party shop and you will not have to phone the following day to get back your things.


You can lead the anticipations of your meal by telling them what they are eating. Create little signage for your meal and individuals can avoid allergic reaction problems, or ingurgitate it up because they’re brought to your description.

Dish presentation is half the job

As I said, this arbitrary buffet will have chilly meat next to biscuits, cauliflowers next to pastries, thus how you present your potluck celebration dish can have an enormous impact.
Brilliant napkin beneath the platter, or a straightforward nice doily under your cake or pastries will present your dish in the greatest light

pot luck

Refresh, Refill

Potluck buffets get eaten through quite rapidly, making your dish seem not really attractive, with a leftover look.
Be prepared to stir up, re-portion, or refill your thing with fresh new stuff.
Focus on multiple lesser portions which you can replace, rather than on big casserole.

Be First

Yawn! Someone WILL bring a nacho dip. Someone WILL bring a string bean casserole and salsa. Someone WILL bring hot wings.
Create something dialog worthy at your potluck dinner and you are the star

Do Not Overproduce!

EVERYONE will bring everything needed for a complete party.
Everyone will not eat the all of the food of an entire party.
Your serving should be 1/2 of a conventional entrée portion due to the broad assortment of food additionally on the buffet
A celebration potluck celebration can be a lot of fun.
For me, it is sometimes a culinary ordeal.

Please help me alert from this terrible nightmare by following some of the thoughts above hot, alluring, identifiable, fresh, first, and in the proper amount!